3 poems by Pablo Leal

for even in your finite and never-ending expanse lies
no escape from such an end to it all
and that which in strange aeons has come to pass will truly remain nothing
as it once sung, knowing as few do the true permanence of
the eternal veil casting in and of itself in its eternal slumber
or not, for that which has perished decries no foul and ceases
its extant hum forever to be and not
and in it all that is and ever will
• תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ

contours flay these bitter
storms in such foregone
clouds – a dulled out blade
no less baleful screams out a million names
howling anger dense
a trillion-forth found askew
tears it all in many ways
and in many more nothing says
• ~1.25m M☉

floundering thus is
thine way as furtive glancing
foretold in ways of old–
anew! brought into the fold
to mend old habits such
as them perishing young
fowls spread across these
strung-out scorns
for praise lied not—
merely masks chanting
slights of past
or ways of present?
• メガタワ

Pablo Leal is a ‘poet(a)’.